Cédric Guibert

Design, 3D Modeling & digital sculpting of Custom Jewelry

custom & unique jewelry
Sculptures to taste ...
Ephemeral objects for unforgettable moments
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Custom Jewelry Design

Freelance jewelry designer, I model and sculpt in 3D for the jewelry sector and personalized costume jewelry. But not only…

I love digital for its ability to put concepts, ideas for objects that we can put into images and manufacture. And I like to see and hold these objects in the real world.

I model and sculpt virtual 3D digital objects. New manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing or digital machining make them real.

Whatever your field of activity: jewelry, fine jewelry, events, branding, furniture, packaging, stands, tableware, decoration … we can create, tailor-made jewelry and exceptional objects to dress silhouettes, places or brands.

Cédric G.

logo en 3D sculpté comme un bijou luxueux

Cédric Guibert

6, bd Arago – 75013 PARIS
Tél. : +33 (0)6 88 09 09 07

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